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The philosophy of AECSPL is to deliver the best quality along with strong credibility and cost efficiency.

To achieve this, the company has many formats and checklists for efficient execution and quality control of deliverables. The management system is periodically updated for best tracking.

Sufficient and selective talent pool is sought after, retained and groomed in stimulating and long term company culture.

Though it is hard to negotiate and reduce fee structure in today's scenario, we offer many variants and specifications for each service so as to optimize meet our client budget and meet project demands.

With proactive approach and frank advice the company forms enduring bonds with its clients with highest level of customer satisfaction.





A) Feasibility studies & Detail Engineering

a) Surveys and investigations

i) Topographic & hydrographical surveys
ii) Geotechnical investigations & trial bores
iii) Material testing, mix design etc.
iv) Inventory & pavement condition surveys

b) Design and estimation

i) Geometrical & pavement design
ii) General Arrangement Drawings & structural design
iii) Bill of quantities, rate analysis & specification writing
iv) Life cycle costing

c) Traffic surveys and analysis

i) Digital Traffic Count and use of ATCC technology
ii) Existing traffic count & origin-destination surveys
iii) Traffic data collection for regional planning
iv) Analysis & forecasting

d) Financial and Economic feasibility studies

i) Establishing financial feasibility in Public Private Partnership mode
ii) Working out Viability Gap Funding options
iii) Checking Economic Internal Rate of Return for budgeted projects
iv) Alternative development modelling such as annuity

e) Documentation drafting such as

i) Request for Qualification & Request for Proposal
ii) Concession Agreements & Schedules of project
iii) Viability Gap Funding proposals and memos
iv) Quality Assurance Plan, Project Implementation Schedule
v) Maintenance Manuals

B) Supplementary Services

a) Assessment and planning

i) Environmental impact assessment and mitigation measures
ii) Social impact assessment
iii) Relocation and Rehabilitation planning of project affected people

b) Project preliminaries

i) Land acquisition proposals and joint measurement assistance
ii) Obstructing Utility Identification and relocation planning
iii) Tree cutting assessment, alternative plantation schemes
iv) Forest land transfer proposals with compensatory land /afforestation

C) Project services – Supervision / Management / Execution support

i) Human resource generation and management
ii) Planning, monitoring and coordination
iii) Contract documentation


Projects in progress

1) Detailed Project Report Good For Construction drawings and preparation for 4-laning of Rudrampur Bhadrachalam Road NH-221 (km 121+00 to km 165+00 - 44 km) in Telangana. Client – Rohan Rajdeep Buildcon.

In earlier years, similar services were given to Aryan Constructions (SPV of Ideal Road Builders) for widening of existing Mumbai Pune road NH-4 to 4-lanes. It was about 120 km project with work cost of about Rs.250 Cr in year 2004-2006.

Similar, services were given to Vishwaraj Infrastructure Ltd. for their project of widening to 2/4 lanes of existing Malegaon Manmad Kopergaon road. Total length of 76 km with approximate work cost of Rs.75 Cr in year 2005-2006.

2) Traffic surveys and Geometrical design component of Detailed Project Report preparation of proposed Pune Rind Road of about 100 km length. Client – Aecom Asia

In earlier years, we have worked as sub-consultants for other multi-national consulting firms like Wilbur Smith Associates, Consulting Engineering Services and Stup consultants for various prestigious project like Mumbai Nashik expressway, Mumbai Talasari Expressway, Bhuj earthquake rehabilitation project etc.

Similarly, project supervision work was also carried out in joint venture with Gherzi Eastern Ltd. (now known as WadiaTecho-Engineering services Ltd.) for Pune Solapur NH-9 widening to 4-lanes (km 14+00 to 40+00) and Talegaon Karanja road improvement.

Recently completed assignments

Detailed Project Report for Maharashtra PWD including VGF documentation for -

1) Widening to 4/6 lanes of existing road including construction of Yeola flyover. Total length 76 km with estimated project cost of Rs.950 Cr.

2) Widening to 4/6 lanes with service roads, elevated road, flyovers, major bridges and interchanges of existing Talegaon Chakan road. Total length 37 km with estimated project cost of Rs. 1000 Cr.

3) Widening to 4-lanes of existing 2-lane Aurangabad Ajintha Jalgaon road (150km with estimated cost Rs. 650 Cr). Which was later on amended and restricted to 99km with estimated cost of Rs. 744 Cr.

4) Widening of Aurangabad Paithan road to 4-lanes. Total length 51 km with estimated project cost of Rs.289 Cr.

5) Widening of Jalna Ambad Vadigodri road to 4-lanes. Total length 46 km with estimated project cost of Rs. 321 Cr.

6) Widening to 4-lanes and 2-lanes with paved shoulders of Wathur Jintur Aundha Basmat road. Total length 118 km with estimated project cost of Rs.750 Cr.

7) Widening to 4-lanes of Ahmednagar Karmala road including Ahmednagar bypass with Major bridges, flyovers, Rail Over Bridges etc. Total length 116 km which was later on restricted to 80 km by deleting bypass with estimated project cost of Rs. 703 Cr.

Previously completed assignments

1) Detailed project report and VGF documentation of Narayangaon Pargaon Malthan Shirur road for widening to 2-lanes with paved shoulders. Total length 94 km with estimated project cost of Rs.335 Cr.

2) Detailed engineering and feasibility study of Shikrapur Nhavara Choufula road for widening to 4-lanes including Rail Over Bridge, Major bridges, Vehicular underpasses etc. Total length 55km with estimated project cost of Rs.450 Cr.

3) Feasibility study and detailed engineering of Nashik Ring Road with Major bridges and Rail Over Bridges. Total length 56 km with estimated project cost of Rs.150 Cr.

4) Alignment design and detailed engineering of proposed Manmad bypass including major bridges, Rail Over Bridges etc. Total length 11 km.

5) Feasibility report preparation of developing Chandrapur road network of about 200 km under DBFOT basis

6) Detailed engineering and feasibility report preparation for 4-laning widening of Khadp machine Fursungi road to and contractions of easterly bypass to Pune city under DBFOT. Total length 20 km.

7) Preparation of Preliminary feasibility report for taking up 4-laning of Phaltan Pandharpur road under DBFOT. Total length about 100 km.


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